The Dawn of a New Copper Age

The world needs more copper. As the world transitions to clean energy solutions and mass electrification, the demand for copper is set to reach all-time highs. Horizon Copper is building a portfolio of truly extraordinary copper mining projects that are instrumental in meeting the world’s growing need for copper.

Unparalleled Copper Portfolio

Horizon’s portfolio includes interests in some of the world’s best copper mining projects currently in production and under development.

  • Antamina

    World’s Third Largest Copper Mine

  • Hod Maden

    Unparalleled Copper-Gold Project

  • Oyu Tolgoi

    Multi-Generational Mine Life

Building a Better Copper Company

Founded by leaders in the mining industry, Horizon is a unique copper investment opportunity with minority ownership interests in several high-grade and low-cost copper projects. Backed by one of the largest precious metal royalty companies in the world, Horizon offers the benefits of passive mining investments with the leverage of a traditional mining operator.

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Dollar Change

Meeting the Demand for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Copper is fundamental for the global green energy transition. As world economies rapidly develop clean energy infrastructure and continue to electrify various industries, copper demand is expected to outstrip supply in just a few years. By 2030, the copper deficit is expected to exceed 6 billion pounds of copper per year. To meet this demand, more copper discoveries and projects need to move into production. Horizon will play an important role in financing these important projects, helping to facilitate a more sustainable future.

Source: Scotiabank